DREAMER was founded in 2017 and is a small team of architects and designers with diverse expertise. We offer full service design for buildings, interior design and temporary architecture. This means design services from project inception to delivery of built work.

As part of our full design service and as a separate service we offer strategic architecture consulting – to help clients understand their problems deeply and how they might do more with less and find innovative solutions.

We are an ongoing research entity. We will share and open source our learning where appropriate and hope to initiate scalable technology based architecture solutions as a bi-product of our research.


We run the instagram account worthy.dreams which is a growing community of over 5000 people. This is the humble beginnings of what we hope to grow into a media platform dedicated to educating the non design community about the power of sustainable design in architecture projects of all scales and sizes.



DREAMER is led by Ben Shields an architect fascinated by our relationship to the environments we inhabit and why we experience them differently. 


He has been awarded and exhibited design work both in Australia and abroad including the RIBA Silver Medal and KRob Architecture Competition. Locally he has been part of projects that have been number of award winning projects at the local and national level.



Our Clients

Outside In
Norton Legal
NH Architecture

Our Collaborators

Breathe Architecture
Studio Hi Ho
Rory Gardener
Mr. P Studios
Finding Infinity
Ambience Lighting