b. 1986, HK.



We believe that the design of buildings is an opportunity to positively shape the way people behave for the better. We believe strongly that every building is an investment in community, and we want to help clients who want to leave a lasting positive impact on their city and the natural environment.

We are aiming for positive impact architecture, buildings that positively effect the natural environment, the climate, cities and people at every stage of their life cycle. 

Each project we do is a huge investment. We aim for every project to set a new benchmark for that type. We are deep believers in focus, parameters and careful investment.

We imagine buildings and spaces as environments, it helps us to take a holistic approach to spaces and understand deeply how our spaces will make people feel.

We want to make architecture that has the highest artistic ideals but can be explained to and enjoyed by everyone.

We believe that the process of human making and prototyping of craft, digital or otherwise is critical to good design.

We are currently focussing on workplace design and residential architecture.

Workplaces are the second home for most people, they are places where people can build a second family and find great meaning and community. We see the modern workplace as the framework of organizational success, a physical manifestation of the values of an organisation. 


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