Norton Legal is a new workplace and commercial fitout completed by Dreamer for a law firm in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. The project explores how traditional elements of a law firm and workplace might be distilled into a sophisticated contemporary space, appropriate for a young team.  A series of flexible spaces were developed that combined multiple uses, including a traditional reception area replaced by a flexible meeting room/entry/waiting area and a breakout/lunch zone that doubled as a place for the kids to watch TV after school. Only minimal built work was possible and the careful insertions aimed to highlight the precast base building and city views. Materials included polycarbonate roofing, stained pine plywood and $7 fluorescent light fittings painted black. Close attention was paid to sound in the space with translucent and opaque curtains providing sound dampening as well as additional flexibility to zoning and filtering and veiling of light.


LOCATION: melbourne cbd

Join the Dots proposes a realistic alternative to the suburban family home. Using thoughtful design, we have created a collection of compact spaces to accommodate the needs of a growing family and help shift the conversation from size to good design, emphasising the home as a place to share quality experiences.

With only an entry at carpark level, the house is comprised of a series of mezzanines. They are organised with a simple additive logic – each room is either a double or single length, joined by a small landing and stairs.

This is intended to be an accessible piece of architecture - one that resonates with a broad range of people and helps to shift thinking around the value of living small and how it might better enable us to connect with family, friends and reduce impact on the environment.

Join the Dots has the potential to work on a range of sites and (with a little adjustment) can be stacked in a row. It is designed for modular and prefabricated construction and to be craned onto site and assembled. It also can be added to easily, with provision for an additional bedroom and bathroom to be built on the roof terrace.