Norton Legal is a new workplace and commercial fitout completed by Dreamer for a law firm in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. The project explores how traditional elements of a law firm and workplace might be distilled into a sophisticated contemporary space, appropriate for a young team.  A series of flexible spaces were developed that combined multiple uses, including a traditional reception area replaced by a flexible meeting room/entry/waiting area and a breakout/lunch zone that doubled as a place for the kids to watch TV after school. Only minimal built work was possible and the careful insertions aimed to highlight the precast base building and city views. Materials included polycarbonate roofing, stained pine plywood and $7 fluorescent light fittings painted black. Close attention was paid to sound in the space with translucent and opaque curtains providing sound dampening as well as additional flexibility to zoning and filtering and veiling of light.


YEAR: 2018

Embedded Information is a dynamic and interactive projection mapped installation that appears as an evolving glowing form, evocative and integrated with the façade of the building behind. Up close, the work reveals itself to visitors as a moving mass of collected information. The public can contribute to this via social media posting.

 Extraordinary amounts of meta and location data is gathered on each of us as we inhabit the city and interact with smart technology. Each discrete piece of data viewed in isolation offers little, but collated together can form a detailed picture of who we are – often without our explicit consent. 

Embedded Information both critiques and explores this notion examining how a mass of approved user generated information might be manipulated at a number of scales, in an enigmatic setting that invites investigation and closer inspection.